Staff by Department


Kelly Salee – Executive Director

Tina Whitaker – HR/Accounting Manager

Linda Robertson – Office Assistant


Andrew Foster- Facilities Manager


Va Cun – Director of Development

Shelby Powell- Development Assistant

Laura Brown- Development Officer

Allison Harrison – Grants Manager

Youth Services:

Jessica Kiesel-Finney – Director of Programs

LaShawna Suggs – Residential Program Director

Jascie Gish – Care Coordinator

Jessica Chinn – Independent Living Director

Erin Paul – Independent Living Assistant

Deshay Melton – Wellness Coordinator

Elissa Schultheis – Wellness Assistant

Andria Winstead – Group Home Manager –  Pathways

Day Education:

Bobby King – Day Education Instructor

Amber Mullen – Day Education Instructor

Sara Harper- Day Education Instructor

Truancy Intervention:

Jeff Nossett – Truancy Intervention Director

Chasidy Lambert – Truancy Intervention Specialist

Harley Bryant – Truancy Intervention Specialist

Board of Directors

President: Julia Georgesen

Vice-President: Jonathan Edwards

Secretary: William Krowl

Treasurer: Adam Bosler

JoAnn Drennen

Mitch Gieselman

Diane Schroeder, Emeritus

Michele Bryant

Josh Calhoun

Mark Aiton

Kelly Lonnberg

Amy Martin

Travis Johnson


  • Internal Affairs

  • External Affairs

  • Building Committee

  • Ambassadors