Day Treatment Program

The Day Treatment Program is an intensive program for high-risk youth designed to provide a safe, highly structured, supervised environment in which to focus on education, cognitive restructuring, community service, independent living skills training and family issues.

  • Target Population: Youth 14-19 years old, with other ages being accepted after review.
  • Youth referred by DCS or Juvenile Probation
  • Students who are having difficulty adjusting socially or progressing academically in school, need assistance and structure and supervision overall

The Program

Individualized Education and Treatment Plans

  • Students work at their own pace, using age-appropriate educational materials.
  • The day treatment therapists create the treatment plan with input from the students, parents, instructors, DCS and Probation.
  • Each student receives a comprehensive mental health assessment upon intake.

Cognitive Skills Group, Individual and Group Therapy

  • Students attend a cognitive skills group each day, covering topics such as: self-acceptance, feelings, problem solving, decision making, healthy relationships and substance abuse.
  • Day Treatment Instructors and Therapist facilitate the groups.
  • The day Treatment Therapist is available for individual and Family Therapy.

Independent Living Skills Training

  • Students attend group and individual meetings with the IL instructor to obtain vital documents, learn living skills, search for jobs, and explore higher education options.

Recreational Activities

  • Daily recreational activities are planned, as well as community activities.

Community service Projects

  • Projects may include assisting in a nursing home, sorting food and clothing at a local food and clothing bank, volunteering at soup kitchens, etc.

Family Involvement

  • Day Treatment encourages family involvement. The Program Director maintains contact with parents/family and is available for conferences as needed. Family Night activities occur monthly.


  • We encourage and reward attendance, participation, appropriate behavior and educational achievement. Students are provided monetary and other incentives.

Other Services Provided in Day Treatment

  • Case Management
  • Prenatal and child development education
  • Behavior Modification
  • Transportation
  • Parenting skills for teen parents
  • Drug Screening