Employment Opportunities

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  • Therapist- Full-Time

    We are seeking a Full-time Therapist to provide diagnostic assessments, individual therapy, and group therapy to youth in one of our group homes in our residential treatment program.

    • Perform assessments and collect diagnostic information to create treatment plans for individual youth.
    • Provide individual and group therapy to youth participating in the program.
    • Provide family therapy to youth and their family.
    • Work with youth on developing:
    • Healthy, effective coping skills
    • Conflict resolution skills
    • Anger management skills
    • Symptom management (PTSD, ODD, Anxiety, Depression, AD/HD, etc.
    • Psycho-education
    • Impulse control skills
    • Improved self-esteem and self-worth
    • Improved compliance with authority figures
    • Treat crisis situations as needed.
    • Master’s Degree in Social Work or related field. LSW required, LCSW preferred.
    • Minimum of 1 year post-graduate experience.
    • TF-CBT certification a plus.

    Job Type: Full-time

  • Group Home Manager- Full-Time

    The primary responsibilities of the Group Home Manager are to hire new Residential Counselors, supervise and oversee training of new Residential Counselors, provide guidance for the Residential Counselors, support the Residential Counselors in providing appropriate treatment for the youth residing in the group home, and maintain the Residential Counselors’ schedule. The Group Home Manager oversees written records, oversees housekeeping standards in the group home and ensures policies and procedures are followed according to standards. The Group Home Manager is on-call on a rotating basis.

    Job Type: Full-time

  • Day Treatment Instructor- Full Time

    The Day Treatment Instructor will continuously supervise, monitor and participate in the daily activities of the students including the following:

    • Academic Achievement – Follow policy and procedures for curriculum provided by the Day Treatment Director.
    • Independent Living Skills Group and Cognitive Skills Group– Follow programming materials provided by Day Treatment Director.
    • Recreational Activities – Follow policy and procedures for taking students off grounds and maintain supervision.

    Keep written records, including:

    • Maintain complete and accurate daily records including, behavioral sheets, independent living skills forms, cognitive skills group form, and academic achievement form, and infractions.
    • Providing information to Day Treatment Director for the development of treatment plans, progress reports and discharge reports.
    • Complete Incident Reports.

    Be familiar with the rules for the Day Treatment Program and implement those rules by:

    • Providing fair and constructive feedback to participants regarding positive and problem behaviors.
    • Directing participants regarding appropriate dress, speech and behavior.
    • Utilizing consistent behavior management techniques.

    Assist students individually by:

    • Participate in implementing individual treatment plans.
    • Maintaining appropriate boundaries.
    • Serving as a role model.
    • Managing crisis situations.
    • Providing guidance and counseling.
    • Providing positive feedback.

    Qualifications and Skills

    Job Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in social work or related field
    • 21 years of age
    • Valid driver’s license
    • Pass a drug screen
    • Experience with at-risk youth a plus
    • Pass a criminal background check.

    Critical Skills:

    • Ability to effectively cope with frustration, anger, frequent change in plans, prioritize assignments and coordinate with other staff members.
    • Ability to effectively cope with personal or job stress without interfering with student relationships.
    • Verbal communication skills in order to interact with other staff members.
    • Ability to understand information in students records as required to carry out treatment plans.
    • Observation skills.
    • Adequate walking, sitting, standing and stair climbing.

    Job Type: Full-time

  • Truancy Intervention Specialist- Full Time

    The Truancy Intervention Specialist will work individually with truant students, complete assessments with students, tutor students after school, help students increase their school attendance, transport students (school, home, or library), meet with parents, work with probation officers and Department of Child Services employees. Some evening and after school hours are necessary. Bachelor’s Degree in social work, sociology, psychology, or related field is required.

    Must attend required weekly meeting.

    Experience working with at-risk youth preferred.

    Job Type: Full-time

  • Residential Counselor- Part-Time

    We currently have a need for qualified candidates for the Residential Counselor position for second and third shifts. A Residential Counselor provides support and supervision of our youth throughout the course of all daily programming activities. Employees must be 21 years of age, able to pass a criminal background check and drug test, and have a valid driver’s license. Responsibilities include:

    • Being a positive role model.
    • Teaching appropriate behavior.
    • Teaching appropriate social skills and life skills.
    • Participating in daily programming activities.
    • Helping the youth achieve their treatment goals.

    Qualifications and Skills

    Qualifications Required: High School Diploma. This is excellent experience for recent or soon-to-be COLLEGE GRADUATES who are seeking an entry-level position into the Social Service Field. Pay commensurate with education and experience. Second and Third shifts available.

    Job Type: Part-time