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In-kind gifts are greatly appreciated, but in order to keep our youth and staff healthy, we ask that these items be sent through our Amazon Wishlist below!

In-Kind Needs List:

Residential Program

Head thermometers


Hand sanitizer

Body wipes


T-shirts (any size)

Long sleeved shirts (any size)

Sports bras (any size)

Sweatpants/joggers/yoga pants (any size)

Jeans (any size)

Hoodies/sweatshirts (any size)

Uber/Lyft giftcards

Heavy duty flashlights


Backless booster car seat

Boys body wash

Dishtowels and rags

Silverware sets

Boys 2 in 1 shampoo

Head and Shoulders shampoo

Breakfast Items:

Day Treatment Program

Fresh fruit

Honey Buns

Cereal bowls

Fiber bars

Cereal bars