Volunteer Opportunities

Community volunteers help us enhance our programs by serving in a variety of different ways.  We have many opportunities for groups and individuals to play an important role in bettering the lives of young people in our community.  Have an idea?  Let us know!  Contact us, get plugged in, and be a part of our mission to transform troubled teens into productive adults.

We appreciate all your support and involvement in making this vision reality!

Ambassador Program

  • Become a UMYH ambassador to your church or community organization. You can help acquaint others with our mission and communicate news, events, and any UMYH needs to your church or organization.

Live and Learn Workshop

  • Share an interest or hobby with our residents. Providing a Live and Learn Workshop can be a long-term commitment or a one-time project done by a group or individual. We would love for someone to come in and help the youth make large stepping stones for the garden or birdhouses!

Throw a Holiday Party

  • This is an opportunity for a group or individual to throw a holiday party for either the residents or the students. Parties for ALL holidays are encouraged! This would include providing decorations and refreshments.

Sponsor a Game Night

  • Our kids love playing games, whether it be board games, card games, etc. This is a great opportunity for a small group of volunteers to come in one evening and bring a variety of games to play with the youth. This could also include providing pizzas and sodas! During the school year, the weekends are ideal.

Sponsor a Family Night

  • Once a month we have a Family Night, in which we invite the residents’ families to come for dinner and one of our therapists provides an interactive activity. This opportunity would include providing the dinner for the evening and helping to serve the residents and their families. This can also include bringing live music or a fun game for the evening!

Put on a Performance

  • If you are part of a singing or performance group, you are welcome to come out and present your gifts and skills to our youth. No performance is too big or too small!

Treat Baskets

  • UMYH residents and students celebrate all holidays, and the youth love getting special treat baskets. This opportunity would include creating treat baskets for either the residents or the students (Easter baskets, Halloween treat bags, etc.)

Memory Books

  • Memory Books allow us to capture each youth’s journey throughout their treatment at UMYH. Their Memory Books document their progress through our program. This is great for those who love scrapbooking! This opportunity is a commitment of meeting at UMYH at least once a month for a couple of hours. For this opportunity, volunteers must be 21 years of age or older.


  • Are you interested in a career in social service, development, marketing, or administration? Are you looking for an opportunity to gain real world experience and credit for a college course? We have internship opportunities for students in several fields!

Job Talk

  • Come help inform our youth on career opportunities! The youth would love to learn more about possible careers they could have. On a Monday or Wednesday around a half an hour, encourage our youth to reach their full potential in a certain job field and give them the resources and knowledge they would need to know to take the right steps for success!

Office Assistance

  • This is an opportunity to help with various needs in the office. Projects could include: helping with mailings, helping wrap Christmas presents, sorting donated items, looking through historical UMYH documents for information, or other projects as needed.

Skilled Service Support

  • Are you skilled in carpentry, construction, car maintenance, or landscaping? If you or your group would like to help us renovate, build, or fix up something on campus it would be a great help! We are repurposing some of our buildings, updating spaces in others, and there’s a fleet of vehicles that you can help service. We may even be able to make it a teaching moment for some of the kids. Projects could include: upkeep of our campus garden & addition of new plants, landscaping, painting, pressure washing, planting trees, mapping the walking trail with distance markers, building a volleyball court with sand, making an outdoor fire pit and seating area, building an outdoor grilling area, making a wooden swing set, and building maintenance.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities or share your ideas, please contact Tia O’Neil at (812) 479-7535 or email marketing@umyh.com.