UPDATE (4/9/2020): The Walking for Dreams Family & Pet Walk is now scheduled for August 16th, 2020!

We will let you know of any more updates from the Walking for Dreams Evansville Team as they become available.

Because of your support and our incredible sponsors, we’ve already reached our $15,000 Goal!

In light of increased strain on program finances caused by the pandemic, we’ve decided to direct all gifts above the goal toward our Annual Fund. This will help us cover the greatest needs of our ministry during these uncertain times. If you would like your gift to stay restricted for the Girls Home, you can note it in your donation or contact Kelley T. at devasst@umyh.com or 812.479.7535.

Walking for Dreams Information
UPDATED: Family & Pet Walk Sunday, August 16, 2020
Riverfront — Tropicana Event Plaza
Registration — 1:00 to 2:00 pm
Walk Begins — 2:00 pm
Payment Information— Paypal or checks made payable to UMYH

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In-Memory of:

Monica R. Hulsey
Bob & Donna Hulsey

Carol Joyce Dixon
Larry & Kathy Ellerbrook
Patti Hochsteiler
Keith Kinney
Rick & Janet Watkins
Mohler Technology, Inc.
Hugh Hazelwood

Linus & Helen Schenk, Betty Messersmith
Ron & Joyce Messersmith

Michael Scott Cartwright
John & Betty Cartwright

Marjorie Harry & Bette Keasling
Cristie & Lloyd Harry

Our Parents
Jane & Dennis Glancy

Elinor Baker & Thelma Karges
Charis Foundation, Inc.

Adam Wade
Pamela Wade

Marguerite Smith
Micky Hatfull

Our Mothers
Julie & Fred Vetter

Dorothy Kelley
Kelley & Casey Tenbarge
Walt & Rhonda Wells

J.W. Cleveland & Wilfred Tenbarge
Kelley & Casey Tenbarge

Lois Campbell
David & Gale Campbell

Donald Carroll
Misha Engleman

Charles Woodruff, Carolyn Woodruff, & Julia Heilman
Bruce & Lesa Woodruff

George Hornbrook
Nancy R. Hornbrook

Donald Carroll 
Misha Engleman

Rev. & Mrs. Ted Roberts 
Carol Webb

Leona Jarvis & Gladys Eades
Rob & Charles Ann Jarvis 

Helen Tepe & Betty Kercher
Julia & Dale Tepe

Marie Grimm Christmas
Connie Warren

Jim & Emily Fowler, Cliff Aiton
Mark & Sarah Aiton 

Karl Richard Hawley 
Peggy Adams

Jan Smith
Jo Ellen Young

John W. Engle
Janice Engle

In Honor of:

Emma Johnson
Travis & Unique Johnson

Diane Schroeder

Ron & Joyce Messersmith
Kelly & Jeremy Salee

Sue Hollen
Melissa Hollen Gaines

Walt & Rhonda Wells, Ronald Kelley, & Mary Jane Tenbarge
Kelley & Casey Tenbarge

Barbara Miller & Tammy Miller
David & Gale Campbell

All Mothers & Fathers
Roger & Tonya Rutledge

Guy Gentry
Butch & Gayle Thorpe

Allison, Austin, & Cora Harrison
Ruth Laney

Kelly Salee & Travis Johnson
Diane & John Schroeder

Deanna Aiton 
Mark & Sarah Aiton