Grand Opening: The Holder Home

Residential for Boys

The Holder Home

Residential for Boys

Administrative Building Improvements 2018

Welcome to UMYH!

    We are a non-profit organization that helps at-risk youth become responsible and productive members of the community.  We are licensed to service youth between the ages of 13-18 years of age.  Our three programs are Residential, Day-Treatment, and Truancy.

Want to make a difference?  If  you, your church congregation, or organization would like to learn more about our facilities please don’t hesitate to ask.  We are always looking for members within our community to volunteer, be an ambassador, and much more.  Contact us today!

   Thank you,  for making our mission possible with your generosity and support.

Latest News and Information

Our friends at Brinker's Jewelers delivered 20 backpacks filled with various supplies for the residents/students here at UMYH. They were able to deliver some of the bags personally, and see first hand how the community showing they care makes a huge difference in the lives of our youth!
The bags were filled with items like watercolor paint supplies, journals,...etc. which got Ryan & Regina some big hugs! The kids were so excited to see the goodies inside the bags, and they could not wait to put them to use!
Thank you again Brinker's Jewelers for your thoughtful gifts to our kids, it means more than you know!
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A fantastic local event that draws a community of Street Rod lovers from all over the country, known as the Frog Follies, gives back to local non profits! We are so grateful for you, and we thank you for your generosity! #evansvilleindiana #frogfollies #UMYH #givingback #streetrods #youth E'ville Iron Street Rods, Ltd. - Frog Follies

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In 2016, we had 13 students earn their TASC Certificate (formerly know as GED). In 2017 that number was 21 students! We have had students attending local Universities to further their education, and more specifically we had a young lady receive her CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) certificate at just 16 years old. Education is so important, and it directly impacts the future of a child, by donating on #GivingTuesday you will do just that! Pledging to us, and supporting our mission we are investing in the future of our youth!
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The Dedication Ceremony : Holder Home for Boys

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