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Day Education Program

Day Education is a year-round program that gives teens who didn’t take well to traditional schooling another chance to earn their High School Diploma. Our structured and supervised classroom setting provides them with the opportunity to succeed and pass their high school equivalency test.

With a 75% graduation rate, we believe it’s a community asset, as this small program has made it possible for 111 youth to graduate the program since it opened in 2010! 

A Celebration Worth Working For

They say that good things come to those who wait, but one recent graduate proved that they also come to those who work. Earlier this year we celebrated several of the young people who earned their High School Equivalency Diploma through our Day Education program. We’re proud of all the kids, but Kamden (pictured above) deserves a little extra recognition for his inspiring story of perseverance. Without sharing too much of his personal business, we’ll just say he has faced his share of challenges, but you would never know it based on his demeanor. 

Kamden is a gentle giant. He was with us longer than most of the kids in our program. Students would come and go. Some graduated, some gave up. Kamden took a little longer to get to where he was ready to test, but he was still excited to get there. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass. When many would have given up, Kamden stuck with it and continued to press on. He tested again and was on the verge of success, but just missed it. Even still, Kamden regrouped and refused to stay down for long. After his third shot, Kamden reached his goal and earned the right to be a High School Graduate! We’re going to miss Kamden’s encouragement, kindness, and smile, but we’re excited to see what the future holds for this diligent young man!

Ubi, Program Director, Kamden, and Andrew, Truancy Specialist, celebrate Kamden’s achievement!

The Day Education Program is an intensive program for high-risk youth designed to provide a safe, highly structured, supervised environment in which to focus on education, cognitive restructuring, community service, independent living skills training and family issues.

  • Target Population: Youth 14-19 years old, with other ages being accepted after review.

  • Youth referred by DCS or Juvenile Probation

  • Students who are having difficulty adjusting socially or progressing academically in school, need assistance and structure and supervision overall

The Program

Individualized Education and Treatment Plans
  • Students work at their own pace, using age-appropriate educational materials.
  • The Day Education therapists create the treatment plan with input from the students, parents, instructors, DCS and Probation.
  • Each student receives a comprehensive mental health assessment upon intake.
Cognitive Skills Group, Individual and Group Therapy
  • Students attend a cognitive skills group each day, covering topics such as: self-acceptance, feelings, problem solving, decision making, healthy relationships and substance abuse.
  • Day Education Instructors and Therapist facilitate the groups.
  • The Day Education Therapist is available for individual and Family Therapy.
Independent Living Skills Training
  • Students attend group and individual meetings with the IL instructor to obtain vital documents, learn living skills, search for jobs, and explore higher education options.
Recreational Activities
  • Daily recreational activities are planned, as well as community activities.
Community Service Projects
  • Projects may include assisting in a nursing home, sorting food and clothing at a local food and clothing bank, volunteering at soup kitchens, etc.
Family Involvement
  • Day Education encourages family involvement. The Program Director maintains contact with parents/family and is available for conferences as needed. Family Night activities occur monthly.
  • We encourage and reward attendance, participation, appropriate behavior and educational achievement. Students are provided monetary and other incentives.
Other Services Provided in Day Education
  • Case Management
  • Prenatal and child development education
  • Behavior Modification
  • Transportation
  • Parenting skills for teen parents
  • Drug Screening

  • In 2019, our Day Education Program helped graduate 17 students to receive their High School Equivalency.  We successful matched our graduate number from 2018 and are looking to exceed that number in 2020!
  • The average cost is $40 per student/per day for our Day Education program, this includes breakfast and lunch served to the students.