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Truancy Intervention

The Truancy Intervention Program is an intensive home, school, and community intervention program for truant and high-risk youth. This program is used to prevent further truancy, improve academic progress, improve and increase parent engagement and increase community involvement.

This is a Home Based Service.

  • Target Population: All school age youth
  • Referred by DCS or Juvenile Probation

Program Assessment:

  • Identify reasons for youth’s truancy and barriers to regular school attendance
  • Identify solutions and interventions to ensure school attendance, increase the youth’s involvement in school and the community
  • Improve academic performance by interviewing the youth and parent assessing the family and child’s needs, strengths, weaknesses, and problem areas.
  • Develop a comprehensive Treatment Plan to address the family and youth’s needs


  • Provide face-to-face contact with the youth and/or family, implementing the treatment plan
  • Encourage family and community involvement
  • The Truancy Intervention Specialist will also serve as a mentor for the youth
  • Meet with other involved adults:
    • School counselor or social worker
    • Youth’s teachers
    • Probation officer or DCS family case manager
  • Provide individual therapy and/or family therapy as needed
  • All youth will be drug screened at intake and randomly throughout the time in the program, with results being passed on to Probation, DCS, and parents
  • Youth will earn incentives for participation and progress in program
Jeff Nossett

Jeff Nossett

Truancy Program Director