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Current Campaigns

The Greatest Needs Drive (Annual Fund) 2020

This is just like it sounds, an annual endeavor to raise the money needed to make sure we have the resources necessary to keep things going.  It helps make ends meet and helps cover everything from unexpected expenses (like when 2 vans go down and need replaced) to keeping the lights on so programs can operate.  Every year we need at least an extra $125,000 to keep us going!

Annual Fund Drive

of $135,000 Goal

Cash for Class!

Scholastic success is much more attainable when you have support. We hope that you will consider sowing into our students’ lives to ensure they have all the necessary supplies, uniforms, and costs covered. Your gift directly affects all of our programs and are needed to break the cycles! By helping kids stay in school (Truancy), obtain their TASC (Day Education), and graduate from High School (Residential) you’re investing in education that can empower them for better jobs and future independence.

Cash for Class!

of $15,000.00 Goal

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