They say that good things come to those who wait, but one recent graduate proved that they also come to those who work. Earlier this year we celebrated several of the young people who earned their High School Equivalency Diploma through our Day Education program. We’re proud of all the kids, but Kamden (pictured above) deserves a little extra recognition for his inspiring story of perseverance. Without sharing too much of his personal business, we’ll just say he has faced his share of challenges, but you would never know it based on his demeanor. 

Kamden is a gentle giant. He was with us longer than most of the kids in our program. Students would come and go. Some graduated, some gave up. Kamden took a little longer to get to where he was ready to test, but he was still excited to get there. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass. When many would have given up, Kamden stuck with it and continued to press on. He tested again and was on the verge of success, but just missed it. Even still, Kamden regrouped and refused to stay down for long. After his third shot, Kamden reached his goal and earned the right to be a High School Graduate! We’re going to miss Kamden’s encouragement, kindness, and smile, but we’re excited to see what the future holds for this diligent young man!