Meet Dasia

Before coming to UMYH, Dasia didn’t set goals or plan for her future. She thought dropping out was her future. 


“I was very nervous and had a lot of anxiety around my placement at UMYH. I was worried it would be extremely restrictive, like a jail or ‘locked up’ facility,” shares Daisa. “But, I knew if I stayed where I was that I would have ended up dropping out of school and not continuing my education.”


The Day Education student is now excelling with help from instructors who “meet her where she is,” every day. Dasia is right on track to earn her high school equivalency this year because of the team members who let her set her own pace, gently offering encouragement and assistance along the way.


“I really appreciate how they let me step outside the classroom when I’m stressed, anxious, or having a bad day. This helps me compose myself and come back refreshed, ready to learn,” shares Dasia. “I don’t feel any kind of negative pressure from them, and that has helped me immensely.”


For the first time, Daisa is looking ahead to her future and setting goals.

“I want to become a tattoo artist to help people express themselves fully and authentically through body art,” the enthusiastic 18-year-old explains. “I can’t wait to graduate, get my first job—maybe even a house!”

Daisa describes earning her High School Equivalency as the “big hump” that was in the way of her success. Sometimes, it’s all about being given the time, space, and tools you need to succeed!

“I love UMYH because it is so much less restrictive than ‘normal school.’ No one is breathing down your neck. Staff are respectful of boundaries. You get to move at your own pace. You get your work packet, do your work, and if you have a question you can ask. But they do not bombard or crowd you.”

Daisa also appreciates being surrounded by youth in comparable situations. It forms a feeling of solidarity that helps her focus and realize she is not alone.

“I like being in a classroom environment where I don’t feel out of place. Being surrounded by other kids in similar situations helps me feel more comfortable and less intimidated.”


We are so excited to see what great things Daisa will do with her bright future!