Meet Rose

“Everything I learned from UMYH, everything I gained in knowledge, skill, and experience—I now pass along to my children. It was the people who believed in me and saw me as a person who was capable and worthy that allowed me to become the person I am today.”

Rose Schalkle was just 17 when she was placed at United Methodist Youth Home 20 years ago.

Rose was first placed in Pathways, beginning her journey at UMYH in an environment where she got to meet new people and learn so many things she had never before had exposure to. She adjusted quickly, and after becoming acclimated to her new home, found pathways to independence and success that changed her life.

“Dixie, the Independent Living Director at the time, helped me find and prepare for my first job at Burger King,” shares Rose. “She also drove me to all my appointments, even took me to apartment complexes that I might consider living in once I moved out from UMYH. After a couple months in Pathways, I moved into the Independent Living Aftercare program where I continued to learn and grow on my path to independence.”

Among other helpful staff were Ms. Andria, Rose’s counselor, and Ms. Mabel.

“Mabel was a mother figure to me. She truly took me under her wing. The journey was not always easy,” Rose shares. “Growing up in foster homes and the system, you get bounced around a lot. You don’t always get a real mentor experience. There was so much I didn’t know and had no way of getting exposure to. Fortunately, I did get that mentorship and exposure at UMYH.”

Rose is now married and has a 17-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter.

At UMYH, we are so proud to continue breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty, abuse, and neglect that trap so many young people and keep them from flourishing into independent and productive adults. Thank you, Rose, for sharing your story with us, and congratulations on your achievements and successes that have led you to where you are today.


Meet Tabitha

An important part of our mission is to support at-risk young people so they can find a pathway to success—not just during their time in UMYH programs, but as they transition to independence and adulthood. We are proud to feature a young woman who found direction to a brighter future through UMYH.

“UMYH provided me with support during the most difficult time in my life and continued that support after I left the program. They helped me learn life skills and build positive relationships.”

Tabitha was placed at UMYH in 2017 through DCS and remained in placement for 6 months. During her stay at the girls’ home, Tabitha was a role model resident and completed the residential program. After leaving UMYH, she graduated from Castle High School. Tabitha recently turned 22, is now the mother of a 1-year-old boy, works at Premier Tan, and lives in her own apartment with her boyfriend and child. Tabitha still keeps in touch, and even visits us with her baby from time to time!

Congratulations, Tabitha! We are so proud to be part of your progress, achievements, and the beautiful life you are living today.

Meet Kamden

They say that good things come to those who wait, but one recent graduate proved that they also come to those who work. Earlier this year we celebrated several of the young people who earned their High School Equivalency Diploma through our Day Education program. We’re proud of all the kids, but Kamden (pictured above) deserves a little extra recognition for his inspiring story of perseverance. Without sharing too much of his personal business, we’ll just say he has faced his share of challenges, but you would never know it based on his demeanor. 

Kamden is a gentle giant. He was with us longer than most of the kids in our program. Students would come and go. Some graduated, some gave up. Kamden took a little longer to get to where he was ready to test, but he was still excited to get there. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass. When many would have given up, Kamden stuck with it and continued to press on. He tested again and was on the verge of success, but just missed it. Even still, Kamden regrouped and refused to stay down for long. After his third shot, Kamden reached his goal and earned the right to be a High School Graduate! We’re going to miss Kamden’s encouragement, kindness, and smile, but we’re excited to see what the future holds for this diligent young man!

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